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Hi! This is Merit and Tarvet,  a married couple for 15 plus years and proud parents of 2 wonderful boys, 8 and 12 years old. We live in Estonia, in the Northern- Europe, almost where polar bears live 🙂 .  Just kidding!

We started this blog on topics that we are both passionate about and have tons of experience- about cooking and weight loss.  To be exact, I have strong feelings (and years and years of personal experience 😀 ) in weight loss and my husband Tarvet adores cooking!

Sounds like very controversial and cross-purpose goals, right! But hey, what is a marriage about, compromises, right?!  I like to look at it this way – if I have been able to lose (after having babies and putting on 50 pounds and more) and maintain my ideal weight  in the center of my husband’s wonderful cooking results, I know what I am talking about!  In this blog I trust you with my biggest weight loss secrets, tips and know-how!

Tarvet is an excellent chef, he loves to cook and experiment with food.  He would spend most of his free time in the kitchen  cooking some exquisite dish!  (But guess who has to clean up the kitchen in most of the cases 😉 !).


Hmm…, actually, we both do the cleaning part 😛

I want to share with you how to prepare great food in a healthier way and give you deeper understanding about some stuff I use in dishes.